Saturday, December 28, 2013

Five Months!

At first it felt as if the months went by so slow with Baby Dos. With Baby Girl, the days rolled by without me even realizing. Now, the days are flying by! I'm sure it's because of the holidays and there are certain times throughout the year that the church gets really busy. Pastor Husband has just been going, going, going. Yet, he is so kind and gives me breaks - like this morning - and he really deserves a day off. I'll have to start planning that out for him.


Baby Dos is FIVE MONTHS OLD as of Christmas Eve. And he is just a joy! He really is just joyful to be around - though there are those times where there is no consoling him and then it's not so joyful. Most times though, he is smiling, laughing, and gazing at you because he loves you so much. He loves people especially when they're paying attention to him. He's a good boy. I have a feeling that he'll be crazy once he starts moving around. Baby Girl never really got into much (until now), but I think Baby Dos will be into everything and destructive.

He's kind of sitting up on his own, he likes sitting up in the bumbo. Sometimes he just likes the freedom of lying on the ground. The last couple of times, after a nap, he's been sideways in the crib. Baby Dos got a bunch of chewy toys for Christmas, which makes him very happy because everything goes in the mouth. He really loves to chew on blankets. 

Love you, Baby Dos! Besos!


Friday, December 6, 2013

The Christmas Wall

For two years now I've been wanting to make Baby Girl a felt Christmas tree (thanks to Pinterest for that idea) and for two years it hasn't happened. There is a slight chance it may happen this year, but if there is no tree there is a wall. Baby Girl and I decorated tonight after Baby Dos went to bed...please stay asleep, please!

Baby Girl is such a toddler, which is both entertaining and exasperating. She likes to watch Mickey Mouse and try to put one foot on the ottoman and one on the couch. BAM! She falls to the floor every time. There's the spontaneous burst of dance, usually her version of ballet, which is when she kicks a leg out and then spins. We catch her crawling on the ground pretending to be a dog, or a cat, or a frog. Yesterday, she grabbed a carrot and started hopping like a rabbit. Coloring and reading are still a favorite way to past the time. Oh! Baby Girl can spell her name! Just out of the blue we were playing with the letters in the bathtub and I started spelling her name and she finished spelling it on her own. Now, I have her spell her name at least once a day because I still can't believe it. She knows her letters, colors, and numbers. The girl may be in diapers until she's ten, but she can spell her name.

The girl can make me crazy beyond crazy, but she's also a lot of fun and it's so sweet and fulfilling when I hear her call my name - hoping it follows with a kiss and a hug. She likes to also just go around saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom" for no particular reason. When I'm in the kitchen for more than a few minutes that's her cue to run in and grab an apron so she can help.

Baby Girl actually wanted her picture taken! She's covered in spaghetti and yogurt.

Homemade vanilla wafers just for Baby Girl.

The Christmas Wall

What she did when I asked her to smile. 
Yeah, I don't know...her new pose?

Making sure every thing is on just right.

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Four Months!

Actually, I was four months old a week ago, but we've been keeping Mom busy. I decided to take a nap while my big sister was napping to give her some time to catch up. Aren't I the sweetest baby ever to do that for her? I am!

I like to talk...a lot! Especially at 3 am. I make almost as much noise as my big sister. I can pick my head up for a really long time during tummy time (I still don't like this time very much). I also rolled from my tummy to my back for the first time while I was in Ohio, right in front of my great aunts and cousins! They now love me even more now because I did something special just for them. I took my first plane ride...four plane rides to be exact. Ohio was fun and really cold. I met a bunch of new family and friends. I also met my future wife, but Mom's phone went cuckoo and all the pictures from Thanksgiving week are gone! She was not very happy about this. Take my word for it - I met lots of people and heard at least three different languages all going at the same time.

I love watching my big sister as she reads to me and I really just adore her. I'm not sure what she thinks about me. This one time, she tried to push me off the blanket, off Dad's leg, and off my little floor mat. Despite that, I think she really loves me!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Creeping Christmas!

I made an Advent calendar for us! Each tube (yes, those are collected toilet paper & paper towel tubes, which is why some are smaller than others) has a post-it note in it with a verse. I decided not to write out the whole verse because A) I'm lazy and B) I want Baby Girl to get use to getting out the Bible and looking up the verse. Every Thursday there is an extra post-it note with some kind of activity. It'll either be a family activity or a service activity. I decided not to put something in extra for each day because I already know it won't be possible. Christmas is crazy for church stuff and all of a sudden Christmas is here! We're starting off small and who knows...we may end up doing more than originally planned.

I can't wait to use it with Baby Girl. She called it a house so I must have done something right already. I also haven't done actual Bible work with her before other than reading through her children's Bible and parable book. It'll be nice to have study time with her.

PS - I'm not sure how she learned this, but Baby Girl knows how to spell her name! I ask her every day now to do it just so that I know she actually knows it and I'm dreaming it all up.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"This is Halloween!"

Halloween has come and gone and I let Baby Girl collect her own candy at a trunk o' treat...not a good idea. She would only take one piece and it was never chocolate! Oh well, Pastor Husband and I don't need to eat anymore sweets, I suppose.

I found the idea for Baby Dos and Baby Girl's costume as I poked around Google Images for easy Halloween costumes. I came across this:

Then I wanted a quick way to paint styrofoam and found this - the best kept secret ever!:

Last, but not least, I'm in love with Jim and always thought I would make a great Pam, so now we have this:

I realized that I really love Halloween!



Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Dos is Tres Meses!

He laughs, giggles, and coos. He's fascinated with his fist and is able to lift his giant head up during tummy time (he doesn't enjoy that time so very much). His smiles make me smile and it's a smile I so need, especially in the mornings. Baby Dos' witching hour is any time after 6pm. It's a rough time, but we get through it! He's a BIG baby too. Only ten pounds less than Baby Girl!

Happy birthday Baby Dos!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dos Months por Baby Dos!

A few days late...

He coos, and ooos, and aahs, and just smiles away every day. He also cries for an hour straight when he feels the need. He moves around, is so alert, and weighs what Baby Girl weighed at six months! He likes to nap in his swing, which is unfortunate because he is in a world of disappointment once we switch him to the crib and he figures out that it doesn't swing. Oh well, that's baby life!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Queen Forever!

I was going to rant and rave, kick and scream, moan and complain that I had to get up earlier than Pastor Husband on a Sunday morning, but then...I actually didn't have to rush my shower time, I put on make-up (ok, so only a bit of concealer and some eyeliner. It still counts.), and made coffee. Now, as we speak/read/type I am enjoying this cup of coffee in my Queen Forever mug (thank you Karyn!) in complete silence. If everything stays as usual, no child should need me for at least another hour!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Two Years and Counting!

Actually, I'm not counting because I can't believe Baby Girl is two years old! Plus a day to be exact. The first year did go by fairly quickly, but since it was just the two of us - for the most part - on a daily basis so I got to live out every one of her minutes with her. There were no distractions. Her second year of life, I was pregnant a month after she turned one and then Baby Dos came during the last couple of months. Plenty of distraction there! The second year definitely plays back to me in a blur.

Baby Girl is taking it all in stride. She really is. Whatever the day has coming, she takes it and throws it right back. Sometimes a toy gets thrown along with it with a couple of tantrums, time-outs, and getting sent-to-the-rooms. She is smart. Just a smart little girl (oh my gosh! I just called Baby Girl a little girl!). It's amazing to watch and hear her mind absorb and spit back out the information. Unless you're a teacher, you really don't get to be part of someone else's learning process. It's quite amazing and, again, just gives more credence to God's existence.

I have known for love to exist. "We love because he first loved us" (1 John 4.19 New International Version). I know it for marriage, family, and friends. With Baby Girl, I have become witness to a love that is from someone else for someone else. Does that make sense? I get to see others love Baby Girl. She really is wholly loved from so many and I can see why that is needed. Why it says in the bible that one of the greatest commandments is to love your neighbor. You do need God and others. We would not be able to fully be who we were created to be without the relationships that God gives to us. Baby Girl is going to be someone incredible with all the love she has surrounding her. For those God has brought to her, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart (sing it, Stevie Wonder!).

Happy birthday, Baby Girl! You are a true joy and wonder. We love you!

Monday, August 19, 2013

23 Months

When Baby Girl isn't screaming, crying, whining, or pouting she really is a delight. I know that sounds bad, but it really is, at least once a day, a huge meltdown. It doesn't matter where we are or who we're with either. Does every child go through this? This is definitely a trying time for us all. We've had made great use out of the time-out spot!

Baby Girl is growing and learning so much. It's incredible to watch her try something new out every day. She likes to count, "1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10", is her rendition. She recognizes many letters. Reading is still a passion and she'll read all morning long. Her newest thing is giving doggy kisses, which is when she licks the side of your face! We've got three new teeth in, two of them are molars. Her list of animal noises keeps growing and when we went to the zoo in Big Bear she was going crazy with growling, howling, and hooting like an owl. Yesterday marked a milestone - she stepped on a dead bee and got the stinger right in her foot! Pastor Husband came to the rescue and pulled it out with tweezers. Baby Girl has survived to one day tell the tale.

We love our fiercely independent Baby Girl. She is definitely a whole lot of me in personality (poor thing) and looks just like Pastor Husband. Happy Almost-2nd-Birthday, Miss!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Always Wear Clean Underwear...

...and keep your living room clean because you never know who may show up or why they may (or in my case, have to) show up.

Baby Dos arrived on July 24 at 2:49 a.m. - in our living room.

I remember when we first went to the birthing center and we requested a home birth. I also remember when I saw the amazing and beautiful bathtub at the birthing center and completely changed my mind. I'm sure if I had listened closely I would have heard God chuckling to Himself.

The whole thing just went by so dang fast even though I was having contractions for almost two weeks prior, but man! When they were consistent and working contractions it was nothing like I had with Baby Girl. My labor with Baby Girl was a marathon while Baby Dos had me sprinting to the finish line. We skipped the whole 5-1-1 warning and went straight to maybe three minutes apart, at the most. I made it to the front door and waited while Pastor Husband loaded up the car and while that was in progress Baby Dos gave me the clear message that we were now in the pushing stage.

I told Pastor Husband that we were not going to get in the car. Phone calls were made, things were brought back into the house, and midwife, nurse, and doula came to us. For the time that I pushed, I made sounds like Serena Williams on the tennis court. Somehow, by the grace of God, Baby Girl slept through it all! I probably would have lost it if I heard her wake up.

Baby Dos had his - we had a boy! - first doctor's appointment today and came out with a clean bill of health! He has already gained a pound in the two weeks that he has been part of our family. Nursing is 100 times better than it was with Baby Girl, which makes me sad because it was months before I was able to hold Baby Girl close to me without pain; however, I am so thankful that it is going well the second time around.

He is so alert and stays awake during the day and it's not always crying-awake. He also sleeps pretty well throughout the night. We've had a few four hour stretches during the night! I hope this keeps up and just gets better as the nights go by. Baby Girl is adjusting and will pay him some attention and then does her own thing. Baby Girl has had two molars come in last month! She is just growing before our eyes and will be two next month. Unbelievable!

We are now a family of four. I find this fact incredible every time I think about it. We have survived two weeks without losing any limbs along the way. I would say we're doing pretty well. Here's to tomorrow!

My Life.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"A Mother's Heart"

Last night we had a bbq with Pastor Husband's pastor mentor group. The group usually meets about once a month, just the husbands, and the wives - well, we see each other at certain conferences/workshops throughout the year, dinners, and then at the bbq to ring in the summer.

Baby Girl was our entertainment last night, but the thing that just hit me about our beautiful daughter is that she is truly a little walking, babbling, instrument of God that has been given to me.

We had the unique opportunity to pray over the couple's grandson, whose house we were at, before he left for a whole new chapter in his life. He was going to be on his way to New York (love that place!)! So, the big, bad (as in Michael Jackson "bad) group of pastor husbands stood around him and placed their hands on him. The wives, we sat where we were and prayed as well. I was actually in the kitchen area because from there I could still participate in our conversations and watch Baby Girl.

Prior to the prayer, Baby Girl had been running, literally, around the house, laughing, and talking up a storm. It was a special occasion so she got to eat some homemade peach ice cream. The sugar went straight to her head! So, she had been working off her energy as the adults tried to pay attention to each other in the living room.

Then it happened and it moved my entire world.

As I prayed and kept an eye out for Baby Girl, she came running by and no one said a word to her...on her own - actually, I think it was a clear direction from God - she walked over to the husbands praying over the young man and one of the pastor's wives was sitting within the group with her hands out. Baby Girl took her hand, looked over at me, and then bowed her head. She was quiet the entire time and glanced at me a couple of times. When it was over she resumed her running around.

It brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful to God for giving us Baby Girl to be our manifestation of His spirit. I pray that we, as parents, are wise enough to be able to teach Baby Girl and to also learn from her.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby Dos Update

30 weeks! This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I really thought it would feel forever since I didn't have work to distract me. Well, instead of work, I have sweet Baby Girl.

The biggest difference with this one is that it's been easier in the way of no morning sickness, no gestational diabetes (thank you, Jesus!), and the birthing center. Of course, I ache a lot more, I'm way uncomfortable, and I never really got that burst of life. I'm tired most of my days.

My older sister had her baby on Mother's Day! Panchito was born just a bit smaller than Baby Girl. He is so precious and the cousins got to meet yesterday for the first time. At first she kinda ignored him, but little by little she warmed up. Baby Girl pointed out his hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and toes. She also wanted to lie in his cradle, which had me thinking, "don't regress!"; however, we got a super cute picture out of it.

It was just fun watching her with him and I'm anticipating how she'll be with Baby Dos from day to day.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


There are some worship songs out there that are completely cemented in me. They are visceral. They bring me back - as music can do - to my newbie Christian days (even though I still sometimes feel like a n00b at times).

Some songs I will forever hear the voice of the worship leader from my "first" church home. I call it my "first" because I did attend a few other churches growing up, but this church was definitely the first church I could ever call home. It was where I committed my life - heart, body, mind, and soul - to Christ. Anyway, our worship leader, not that his voice was super unique, but it was his voice that taught me Christian music. Popular Christian music of 2007, you could say. I will always remember thinking, "How does everyone know the lyrics? No one is even looking at the screen!". Well, I soon learned that the songs are sort of on repeat as the Sundays go on. That's how...repetition, but in a good way.

There are two songs that will always, always, always bring back to me my "first" (same church here) Pastor's wife. The first First Lady I've known. She was and is a mentor, my mom, my friend, and (though I didn't know at the time) a model for who I hope to be as a Pastor's wife. One song, "Everlasting God", brings back images of her just dancing away. She loves this song! The other song, "How Great is Our God," I can see her signing the song. I don't remember all the signs for the lyrics, but I do remember - though faintly - the sign for the lyric, "The Godhead three in one".

"From the Inside Out" and "We Must Go" has me wonder what next great adventure a lovely friend is going to go on next. She LOVES Jesus in that radical way that sometimes I wish I could outwardly exhibit. She epitomizes those two songs and I always remember watching her worship and being completely swept away by it.

All these songs and more bring back many memories of happiness, tears, a new life, and of people who have come and gone, but they all made huge impacts on who I am today. They have all proven that no, you cannot do life alone. They prove that Jesus puts just the right people in your life to help you grow, cause you to grow, or - even at times - force you to grow. I am so thankful to them and to God for never letting me wander on my own.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My 19th Month Old Baby Girl

She was just cuckoo today! I did a lot of observation because she was just cracking me up. I started watching "Glee" on Netflix because I've gone through everything else, it seems. I like the singing and dancing and so does Baby Girl. She started this new dance move where she lifts her hands above her head and waves them around. There was lots of spinning and jumping. Her jumping though is when she sort of lifts her heels a bit off the ground.

Baby Girl also was brave enough to put herself in the dogs' cage.

Then we had a yummy dinner tonight of twice baked cauliflower. The directions - boil the stuff, process the stuff, then stick it in the broiler for a few. That's about it. Also, add whatever ingredients, seasonings you really like. We had ours with garlic, butter, chives, chicken, and tomatoes. I recommend boiling the cauliflower in chicken stock (or even veggie stock) versus just water. It'll give it a bit more flavor.

Oh, look! Our garden is growing!

Tomato and Cucumber

Tomato with a Baby Girl in the back

There are three tiny asparagus growing up!