Saturday, June 29, 2013

"A Mother's Heart"

Last night we had a bbq with Pastor Husband's pastor mentor group. The group usually meets about once a month, just the husbands, and the wives - well, we see each other at certain conferences/workshops throughout the year, dinners, and then at the bbq to ring in the summer.

Baby Girl was our entertainment last night, but the thing that just hit me about our beautiful daughter is that she is truly a little walking, babbling, instrument of God that has been given to me.

We had the unique opportunity to pray over the couple's grandson, whose house we were at, before he left for a whole new chapter in his life. He was going to be on his way to New York (love that place!)! So, the big, bad (as in Michael Jackson "bad) group of pastor husbands stood around him and placed their hands on him. The wives, we sat where we were and prayed as well. I was actually in the kitchen area because from there I could still participate in our conversations and watch Baby Girl.

Prior to the prayer, Baby Girl had been running, literally, around the house, laughing, and talking up a storm. It was a special occasion so she got to eat some homemade peach ice cream. The sugar went straight to her head! So, she had been working off her energy as the adults tried to pay attention to each other in the living room.

Then it happened and it moved my entire world.

As I prayed and kept an eye out for Baby Girl, she came running by and no one said a word to her...on her own - actually, I think it was a clear direction from God - she walked over to the husbands praying over the young man and one of the pastor's wives was sitting within the group with her hands out. Baby Girl took her hand, looked over at me, and then bowed her head. She was quiet the entire time and glanced at me a couple of times. When it was over she resumed her running around.

It brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful to God for giving us Baby Girl to be our manifestation of His spirit. I pray that we, as parents, are wise enough to be able to teach Baby Girl and to also learn from her.