Saturday, December 28, 2013

Five Months!

At first it felt as if the months went by so slow with Baby Dos. With Baby Girl, the days rolled by without me even realizing. Now, the days are flying by! I'm sure it's because of the holidays and there are certain times throughout the year that the church gets really busy. Pastor Husband has just been going, going, going. Yet, he is so kind and gives me breaks - like this morning - and he really deserves a day off. I'll have to start planning that out for him.


Baby Dos is FIVE MONTHS OLD as of Christmas Eve. And he is just a joy! He really is just joyful to be around - though there are those times where there is no consoling him and then it's not so joyful. Most times though, he is smiling, laughing, and gazing at you because he loves you so much. He loves people especially when they're paying attention to him. He's a good boy. I have a feeling that he'll be crazy once he starts moving around. Baby Girl never really got into much (until now), but I think Baby Dos will be into everything and destructive.

He's kind of sitting up on his own, he likes sitting up in the bumbo. Sometimes he just likes the freedom of lying on the ground. The last couple of times, after a nap, he's been sideways in the crib. Baby Dos got a bunch of chewy toys for Christmas, which makes him very happy because everything goes in the mouth. He really loves to chew on blankets. 

Love you, Baby Dos! Besos!


Friday, December 6, 2013

The Christmas Wall

For two years now I've been wanting to make Baby Girl a felt Christmas tree (thanks to Pinterest for that idea) and for two years it hasn't happened. There is a slight chance it may happen this year, but if there is no tree there is a wall. Baby Girl and I decorated tonight after Baby Dos went to bed...please stay asleep, please!

Baby Girl is such a toddler, which is both entertaining and exasperating. She likes to watch Mickey Mouse and try to put one foot on the ottoman and one on the couch. BAM! She falls to the floor every time. There's the spontaneous burst of dance, usually her version of ballet, which is when she kicks a leg out and then spins. We catch her crawling on the ground pretending to be a dog, or a cat, or a frog. Yesterday, she grabbed a carrot and started hopping like a rabbit. Coloring and reading are still a favorite way to past the time. Oh! Baby Girl can spell her name! Just out of the blue we were playing with the letters in the bathtub and I started spelling her name and she finished spelling it on her own. Now, I have her spell her name at least once a day because I still can't believe it. She knows her letters, colors, and numbers. The girl may be in diapers until she's ten, but she can spell her name.

The girl can make me crazy beyond crazy, but she's also a lot of fun and it's so sweet and fulfilling when I hear her call my name - hoping it follows with a kiss and a hug. She likes to also just go around saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom" for no particular reason. When I'm in the kitchen for more than a few minutes that's her cue to run in and grab an apron so she can help.

Baby Girl actually wanted her picture taken! She's covered in spaghetti and yogurt.

Homemade vanilla wafers just for Baby Girl.

The Christmas Wall

What she did when I asked her to smile. 
Yeah, I don't know...her new pose?

Making sure every thing is on just right.

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Four Months!

Actually, I was four months old a week ago, but we've been keeping Mom busy. I decided to take a nap while my big sister was napping to give her some time to catch up. Aren't I the sweetest baby ever to do that for her? I am!

I like to talk...a lot! Especially at 3 am. I make almost as much noise as my big sister. I can pick my head up for a really long time during tummy time (I still don't like this time very much). I also rolled from my tummy to my back for the first time while I was in Ohio, right in front of my great aunts and cousins! They now love me even more now because I did something special just for them. I took my first plane ride...four plane rides to be exact. Ohio was fun and really cold. I met a bunch of new family and friends. I also met my future wife, but Mom's phone went cuckoo and all the pictures from Thanksgiving week are gone! She was not very happy about this. Take my word for it - I met lots of people and heard at least three different languages all going at the same time.

I love watching my big sister as she reads to me and I really just adore her. I'm not sure what she thinks about me. This one time, she tried to push me off the blanket, off Dad's leg, and off my little floor mat. Despite that, I think she really loves me!