Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Girl Talk

We went to Ohio last November for Thanksgiving where we visited family and friends who are family. Our friends-family has a daughter who is a few weeks younger than Baby Girl and she is a talker! So clearly too! Before this time Baby Girl didn't say much, just a few things, but she was just quiet. I was a little sad about this because I love it when kids go around singing made-up songs. It's one of my favorite things to hear.

Anyway, after that stay, Baby Girl took a hint from her friend and started talking! It was amazing and every day since she has some new word, phrase, or song to share.

Here are just a few Baby Girl-isms:

"I need you!" - this is to manipulate Pastor Husband and it works 99% of the time
"I fine" or "I okay"
"Cold-y, hot-y" - a lot of things end in "y" for Baby Girl
"Outside-side" - not sure why "outside" gets and extra "side"
"I up down" - upside down
"My hair is crazy" - I always say this about my own hair
"D'you like it?"
"Aaaah! Dragon!" - pointing at Baby Dos
"I can't" - we get this when she's moody and it's her answer to everything!
"Too!" - I love you too

We had a whole conversation about Good Friday and this is her version:

The bad guys got Jesus. The bad guys put a bad crown on Jesus. The bad guys made a fire (I don't remember this part of the story). They put him on a big cross. Jesus got stuck on the cross. Jesus died! (That part is complete with her spreading her arms out and hanging her head down).

We're not sure what happened on Easter because Baby Girl chose to sit in the corner and cry during children's church. Guess we'll have to wait till next year for the good news!

She loves to sing every song from "Frozen" and she has some song she made up and every once in a while I'll hear mom, dad, and Baby Dos' name in her lyrics. Baby Girl likes the song for the "Little People" commercial and sings along to the "...and I'm only human" part. She also sings along to the Sara Bareilles song "Brave".

Baby Girl is still a quiet, introverted child, but if you ask her the right question she can go on and on. It's fun to sit with her and have a conversation. I so enjoy those moments.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby Boy...Nine Months Out!

You grew up this last week. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden you're crawling - instead of dragging your lifeless body behind you - clapping, eating snacks...my roly poly baby boy is growing up! You remind me of a roly poly because you're so round and compact. Last week at your check-up you were 19 pounds. Baby Girl wasn't 19 pounds until she was almost two years old! You are definitely the big-little brother.

You love your big sister so very much. The girl jumps and you laugh. A common thing she says to you is, "No, no, no Baby Boy" in her sweetest voice. This last a couple of times and then she just screams at you. There are those sweet, out-of-nowhere moments where she comes up to you and kisses you and even shares a toy or two.

Daddy loves you! Loves, loves, loves you! I remember when the doctor told me I was having a boy. Immediate tears of joy because I just knew you were going to be just like your daddy. So kind, loving, and a wonderful smile...and you've been smiling since day one. You really have. It's such a wonderful smile and it starts from early morning until about 6pm. After that, life is a little hard for you to get through, but it's okay because bedtime is at 7pm.

You have changed our lives. There is more laughing, playing, and definite learning. We have learned that just because you have had one baby does not mean you know what to do with a second baby, but you have made that process joyful with just a little bit of pain - due to the not sleeping through the night yet! You have had quite an interesting nine months of life and have slept under quite a few roofs so maybe that's why a full nights sleep has yet to occur.

You were born in Orange County (in the living room to be exact), spent New Year's in Mexico, lived with Great Ga for a couple of months, and have been in a hotel for the last 23 days! Don't worry - we'll be in our home, in the room you'll have for probably your whole life until you move out within the next week or so. This home will be where we'll get to watch you take your first steps, say your first words, drive your sister crazy, owies, first days of school, and I can't go any further than that because it makes me want to cry.

Baby Boy, I love you. I love you because you love to cuddle, rest your head on me, get so excited whenever you see Great Ga, Ga, and Daddy that your chubby legs go crazy and you start flapping your arms. You're going to fly any day now! I love you because you have your Daddy's blue eyes and his love for others. I love you because I can't believe God blessed me with a son whom I get to watch grow up into a godly man. I look so forward to your life (maybe I just look really forward to you sleeping through the night) and being a proud mama as I stand next to you, my son.