Friday, March 30, 2012

Tea Food

I belong to a MOPS group out here in Yorba Linda at Canyon Hills Friends Church and this morning we had our "Tea and Treasure" theme. We all had to bring some type of tea-food to eat. I know nothing about this type of food and what I looked up seemed entirely too complicated. I decided to make cake pops without the sticks. I figured the Queen of England probably eats nothing on a stick so this would make the cake pops more like a tea-type food. Whatever, I just wanted them to taste good and taste good they did! They were so moist and gooey and...YUM!

Here is a picture tour of the adventure:
The first part was so delicious already!

Waiting for things to cool is just dumb.

Have you ever seen anything so right before?

We may not be the prettiest, but we sure taste good!

nom nom nom


The Baby Girl!

Age - 6.5 months
Weight - 13-14 pounds-ish
Favorite TV Show - Yo Gabba Gabba
Favorite Book - her children's Bible
Favorite Toy - Mono Head (it's a small blanket with a monkey head attached)
Favorite Hobby - EAT!
Favorite Song - The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Pink Panther song
Favorite Topic - anything having to do with death and destruction (no, really, this is true!)

The Wonder That Is Me

So, obviously, this blog is to tell you just how crafty I am or the fabulous creations I come up with in the kitchen...wrong!

If I actually craft something, it's because I learned the art of patience for a moment. If I cook something or bake it's because I know how to read the English language. Though I did manage to make a chicken noodle soup without a recipe for the first time a few days ago. Either way, I am not perfect. Motherhood is not perfect. No one has the exact recipe for raising children and everyone has their own way, which works for them. So, I will write about the yummy food we eat and post some craft adventures, but I will also write about the speed bumps along the way.

Here is one that happened a few days ago.

I put the baby on the bed and went to the computer to look up medical insurance stuff - this is ironic, you will see - and I kept turning my chair to check on her. Well, at one point, I heard some kind of noise and it must have been her mid-air, right before she (whoops!) hit the floor, landing her head on The Hunger Games. Thankfully, the book was the paperback version and not hardcover. Also, thankfully, she was fine. I saw her land and she looked up to the bed, where she once was, and then realized she was on the floor. She cried, I think, out of confusion. When I picked her up she stopped crying. 

This happens to every mommy, right?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Started In Here

I've started blog after blog after blog and usually end up forgetting that they even exist. I'm hoping with this one that I'll keep it going with random posts about my new life - being a wife and a mother. 

I cook a heck of a lot more. Bake. Clean - my goodness, I've cleaned my bathroom for the last five weeks. In a row! That is a new record for me. 

Read my "About Me" page to trace along the path that is my life, which has brought me to where I am now...sitting on my bed, Netflix playing "Say Yes to the Dress", and listening to the mumblings of my baby girl who is just waking up from her nap.