I started off in 1980. At one point in my life I didn't think I would (or wanted to) live past the age of 25. Not sure why I picked that age, but, in my mind, it seemed like a treacherous age. I always gave 100% in everything I did, especially school, because I felt that when looked upon I was judged as the dumb one. It's not the healthiest way to live, but I got some good grades out of it!

Moving on...

I started going to church, really going to church, in 2007 and accepted Christ in March of that same year. I was baptized the next year by my future husband. Now wait, before you think there were some shenanigans, there was not a one. He was a choice out of three pastors and I just chose him because I didn't really know him. It wasn't until - skipping forward a few years - that we met up again in Orange County that the shenanigans did begin. I started going to a christian school in Costa Mesa and he was (still is) a lead pastor at a church in Anaheim. It took about six months, but during the week of Harvest Festival, that is when our eyes opened up to each other.

Fast forward again!

We are now married and have a six month old baby girl. She is a walking (figuratively speaking, for now) understanding of scripture. My pregnancy with her turned on a light of what it really means to give your life over to Christ and accepting His way for your life.

So, now I'm here, in Anaheim (never ever thought I'd be anything, but an I.E. girl) with a baby girl, raising her day in and day out, and doing my best to remember that each day is a blessing. I also am getting practice for her teenage years from leading the girls' high school group at the church. Aye! Talk about a blessing and a "why did I say yes to this?" situation. Don't worry, I do love each and every one of them and they pretty much surprise me every step of the way. 

Thank you for reading!

The family doing our favorite thing

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