Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordy Wednesday in, I'm going to be using a lot of words in this post tonight!

Last night I finally got to use my Christmas present from Pastor Husband. Tickets to Jekyll and Hyde!!! It sort of felt like Valentine's as well because we got dress up, go out, and stay up late. Staying up late doesn't happen often, at least not on purpose, due to the fact that we like to sleep.

It was fun because we haven't been to The Pantages theatre in a while and all of a sudden there is a hotel across the street. It was odd because the lobby/front desk/bar area was decorated in a very Las Vegas-80's-extravagance. We felt a bit sleazy in this swanky place, but decided to stay for appetizers, which were so yummy! Expensive, but very tasty. Then we walked and had dinner at this little Italian place, "Fabiolus Cucina". Just go, you need to go there. Pastor Husband had the gnocchi and I had the Tagliatelle. Mine had a meat sauce, but it didn't taste heavy or oily. It was cooked perfectly.

On to the musical...I've seen Jekyll and Hyde three times. Last night was the fourth. It's been years since the last time and I know it was recently revamped by Frank Wildhorn and it seems like whenever he does this he scrapes a bit more off. The music thins a bit and he'll add a song here, take out a song there. Now, it's good, I would never say it wasn't because I'm not a composer so who am I to say that he doesn't know what he's doing.

Right now, Constantine Maroulis is playing the part of Jekyll and Hyde. This is the second time I've seen him on stage, the first being, "Rock of Ages". That musical suited him perfectly because he's a rocker. J&H, just not so much. They definitely added a more rock vibe to the songs he sang, which made those songs seem out of place to the rest of the music. He performed them well, but it made the songs stand out on their own rather than complementing the others. He also tried to sing with an accent and if The Beatles can sing without an accent so can the rest of the world.

The ladies of J&H - spectacular! If it wasn't for them, the show may have been lost. Deborah Cox (Lucy) and Teal Wicks (Emma) have those classic, big, solid, gut-wrenching voices that I love. Out of all the Lucy's I've seen, Deobrah Cox is the closest to Linda Eder (my favorite singer ever!).

Regardless of the weird rock edge to the musical, it was a great show and one of the best nights we've had together. Pastor Husband never makes me feel like I'm only the mother to his children. He is always so good at loving me as his wife first, which gives me a nice reminder that I am his wife first and mother to Baby Girl and Baby Dos (soon enough!) second.

PS - it occurred to me last night that this song should be played when someone is baptized :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wordy Wednesday


(I'm totally scooping this from someone else. She's an amazing writer and storyteller and I was lucky enough to have lunch with her a couple of years ago. I love Margaret everything she writes, you won't be sorry!)

The Latin word for "lent" is "Quadragesima", which basically translates to forty. Hence, the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

This is what Margaret has to say about it:

"Originally, Lent was designed as a time of preparation and worship for the believer. The forty days before Easter were set aside for penitence, prayer, and self-denial.
The number forty has repetitive significance in the Bible.
It rained for 40 days when Noah was on the ark (Genesis 7:17). Moses spent 40 days on Mt. Sinai(Exodus 24:18). The Israelites spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land (Numbers 14:33). Elijah spent 40 days walking to Mt. Horeb (1 Kings 19:8). Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by Satan (Matthew 4:1-2)Ever notice that God has a track-record of displaying His mighty wonders in increments of forty?
Beginning on Ash Wednesday (which falls on February 13nd, this year), many people choose to give something up for 40 days in this season of preparation.
But as I suggest in Wonderstruck, maybe the question we need to ask as we enter Lent isn’t, “What are you giving up for Lent?” as much as “What do you want to lay hold of during Lent?” [Tweet this]
The wonders of God are waiting for you during Lent. This season is laced with opportunity that will stir your hunger to know God more. [Tweet this]
How will you lay hold of the wonders of Lent?
Beginning on February 13, we have the opportunity to spend 40 days passionately pursuing God. You. Me. Everyone we can bring along for the joyous journey.
How will you choose to seek God during this time?
What expressions will your desire for God take?
What do you want to lay hold of in greater measure through Lent?
Tomorrow I’ll share what I’ve been prayerfully considering for this season.
But today, I’m challenging you, sweet you, to take some time today to ask God what He’s calling you toward. In past years, I’ve given up contempt, committed to pray three-word-prayers, and more.
What will you do for Lent 2013?"

Monday, February 11, 2013

Duty Calls

I informed Pastor Husband today that I was going back to my housewife job today. He was pleased to hear that and said that I wouldn't be fired because I have a benevolent boss. Pastor Husband is a blessing with all his understanding.

I kind of took off for a week and didn't do much of anything with the exception of taking care of Baby Girl. She never went without clean diapers or without food. I'm not that bad!  Not much else got done though. Laundry is stacked high and I didn't make many dinners. I guess I was just tired because I did a lot of that throughout the week. I even fell asleep, twice!, while Baby Girl was still awake!

Today, I'm taking back over my life regardless of how much I want to fall into a coma. I keep waiting for that burst of life during the second trimester, but, so far, it's hiding far away from me. Today, I managed to wash diapers, clean up the living room, put the recycling out, wipe off the cabinets, make dinner (Pinterest), and clean the microwave (Pinterest).

We've had a good start to Valentine's - we got to hear Baby Dos' heartbeat at my midwife appointment, had a picnic in the park, shared a yummy dinner together, and took a field trip to the store. Tonight, after Baby Girl goes to bed, Pastor Husband and I have cupcakes, coffee, and a movie to share. Thank you Lord for all of Your goodness!

...speaking of Pinterest :) Here is dinner: Day Three Healthy Dinner Recipe - Pasta-less Manicotti. Here is cheers to a clean microwave (this worked awesome and it was so quick!): Vinegar is the new clean smell.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Baby post

Here we are! Baby Girl is 16 months old and is the life of the party, only at night. Morning is not her favorite so I'm surprised she posed so well for this picture. Afterwards, she threw a fit because she wanted to stay on the chair.

Baby Dos is 16 weeks along and at our last Midwife visit we got an A+. She was speaking my language! Baby Dos has a great heartbeat and has really given me absolutely no troubles. I wonder if this means it'll be crazy when it's on the outside!