Friday, November 22, 2013

Creeping Christmas!

I made an Advent calendar for us! Each tube (yes, those are collected toilet paper & paper towel tubes, which is why some are smaller than others) has a post-it note in it with a verse. I decided not to write out the whole verse because A) I'm lazy and B) I want Baby Girl to get use to getting out the Bible and looking up the verse. Every Thursday there is an extra post-it note with some kind of activity. It'll either be a family activity or a service activity. I decided not to put something in extra for each day because I already know it won't be possible. Christmas is crazy for church stuff and all of a sudden Christmas is here! We're starting off small and who knows...we may end up doing more than originally planned.

I can't wait to use it with Baby Girl. She called it a house so I must have done something right already. I also haven't done actual Bible work with her before other than reading through her children's Bible and parable book. It'll be nice to have study time with her.

PS - I'm not sure how she learned this, but Baby Girl knows how to spell her name! I ask her every day now to do it just so that I know she actually knows it and I'm dreaming it all up.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"This is Halloween!"

Halloween has come and gone and I let Baby Girl collect her own candy at a trunk o' treat...not a good idea. She would only take one piece and it was never chocolate! Oh well, Pastor Husband and I don't need to eat anymore sweets, I suppose.

I found the idea for Baby Dos and Baby Girl's costume as I poked around Google Images for easy Halloween costumes. I came across this:

Then I wanted a quick way to paint styrofoam and found this - the best kept secret ever!:

Last, but not least, I'm in love with Jim and always thought I would make a great Pam, so now we have this:

I realized that I really love Halloween!