Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Birthday Giveaway!

In honor of Baby Dos' impending First Birthday (less than a month to go!) I am giving away a free design!  A free design of your choosing. Choose from one of my already made designs or I can do a completely new one just for you.

Here are the rules:

  • Leave me a comment of what you would like
  • I'll randomly choose a comment
  • TADAA! The winner will be chosen on July 1st
It can be an invitation, a sign (currently working on a Jesus/Coffee sign - we need both in life, don't we?), t-shirt, anything your mind can imagine.

Good luck and can't wait to design something for you!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Party Time...Almost!

Baby Dos you are 11 months! Well, you've been 11 months for four days now...I'm a little late. Sorry about that, but life is crazy busy and if I didn't do this tonight it would probably be another week before I got to this post because we leave for camp tomorrow. Your first time at camp. Last year, you decided to be born during the week of camp. It was a couple days after you were born Papi left to pick up our campers and they made a pit-stop to come see you.

Now, it's almost been a full year. I can't believe it!

You're pulling yourself up, sitting yourself down - you were getting yourself stuck in the standing position and would cry for rescue - babbling, you have two bottom teeth, and love to play with your sister. I find the two of you in her room all the time, laughing at every thing she does. I'm glad that you were born with a playmate. I can't imagine you being an only child because you love others so very much.

You like to eat, but are picky about the way you eat it. Sometimes you don't mind if we feed you and sometimes you want to eat it all by yourself. It makes meal times a bit stressful, but some cute pictures have come out of it. You're good with a sippy cup and tonight you let me read a book to you without ripping it out of my hands. Progress!

One more month, Baby Dos, and you'll be a year old. I'm excited to watch you grow, but I also want you to stop. My prayer is that you stay the same sweet, loving boy that you are for always.

We needed Baby Girl's help again because you kept trying to escape!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tuesday Donut

We go to church at least twice a week - Saturday night and Sunday morning. Baby Girl calls Saturday night "big church". Sunday morning has been given the name of "little church", but it's her favorite because little church has donuts. Full-size donuts. Nothing cut in half and they are the good donuts. Not just a bunch of glazed. There are chocolate bars, maple bars, and - the most coveted of all donuts - donuts with sprinkles! Again, Baby Girl has her own name for them, "bagels with sprinkles". She especially loves the ones with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles.

So, I'm excited for the full-size donuts, of course, but Baby Girl gets only half a donut. I don't want to send my kid wired into children's church. I always tell her that she can half before church and half after she gets out of her class. She gobbles down the top part of her half of the donut and then moves to the bottom part. I wrap up the other half in a napkin and put in a side pocket in my purse.

By time church is over and we're leaving someone is usually crying. Does church ruin your kids normal eating and naptime routine? It ruins our and there's always that dilemma of do they eat lunch and then nap or nap and then eat or is naptime even going to happen?!

Anyway...the donut never gets back to Baby Girl. I don't feel bad because we both forget about it. Monday, we also forget about it because that's usually our day of rest. Tuesday, Ga (Granma) comes over and Mom (Me!) leaves the house to do errands and maybe drink a cup of coffee while reading a book. Tuesday is the day I use my purse and it's in the same state as I left it Sunday afternoon. After getting out of the car I put my keys in the side pocket and I find a napkin and wonder, "what did I put in here now?"

Sunday's donut has now become Tuesday's donut.

I'll confess, if it's not too damage, I will eat it with my coffee. If it looks like the picture of the donut above then I talk myself into throwing it away. Always a battle. The donut makes me smile because it reminds me of Baby Girl, her excitement for a bagel with sprinkles, and that I can still control her donut intake.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Because I'm a Pastor Wife!

So, I really wanted to start focusing on the life of a Pastor Wife, but I've yet to write about anything in regards to being a Pastor's wife. Why? I don't know...maybe I'm not brave enough or I don't want to sound like I'm complaining or make it sound like it's a horrible position. It isn't! It's actually pretty dang amazing!

However (and this is probably true with any type of wife out there) there are so many questions that come with being a Pastor's wife. One question that I constantly wrestle with and wonder if there really is an answer out there. I think it's also a question that most adults have...

Are you my friend?

Before getting married, having kids, and all that fun stuff I had friends and still have those same friends. It was just a natural thing. We either were in the same class, have known each other forever, went to the same church, and blahblahblah. Friendship. It was easy and there was no question with the exception of, "How did we become friends again?"

Now, it's so different. Maybe I'm just making it different? I'm not quite sure, but I always wonder if people are friendly to me because I am the Pastor's wife. Will we really be friends if we're in the same small group or is everyone else "forced" to like us because we're helping to lead the church. Did you really want to come up to me after church to chat or do you feel like you're supposed to?

Paranoia, anyone?

At the same time, I feel like being a Pastor Wife gives me the right away. I'm allowed to join whatever group, jump into any conversation, or invite anyone over because I am the Pastor Wife. Now, don't think I walk around feeling superior to all, but sometimes this way of thinking helps me to not be so introverted. Most Sundays I just want to hide in the very last seat in the sanctuary and run to the car once service is done. I don't do this and I remember what I've been called to be and I use that to help me talk to others, smile, and enjoy the company.

I guess, in the end, it really doesn't matter. We all get along - or try to get along - because we are all part of the body of Christ and our purpose is to love each other regardless of whether or not we are a Pastor wife.

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Spy with My Little Eye

Something that smells a bit of courage, perhaps? Or as Baby Girl would say, "I think so, maybe?"

Mommy on the Rocks Designs are out there! If you haven't noticed there is a trusty, little tab up there (look up, look, not to the sky! Towards the top of your monitor. Riiiiiight there!) that's labeled "Design". It's here that I've been putting up birthday invitations, baby shower invitations, signs, and more - I'm currently working on t-shirt designs for Baby Girl and Baby Dos' first birthday invite!

They are for sale! For $10 I will send you the digital file of whatever is that you need. Remember, it all can be personalized to what you want. All I need to know is your theme and what you're picturing and we'll go from there.

If you want a final, printed project sent to you just email me with the details at

You can also follow me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Thank you in advance and I hope that I can help you with your next event!