Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby Dos is Six Months!

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He is six months today! I'm actually on time with this post, which is a miracle considering the week we've had and are still having. Sinus and stomach infections are being had by all with the exception of Baby Dos...Thank you, Lord. Truly, truly, thank you Lord for keeping Baby Dos healthy. I think we're all on the mend, but because we were still chasing Baby Girl around with towels and changes of clothes, Baby Dos spent his birthday in his pajamas. Santa Claus pajamas, at that. We're also in the midst of packing. We have exactly one week to go and it all came to a standstill when I was sick on Wednesday. I'm sorry, Baby Dos that your day wasn't celebrated a little bit better. I promise, next month, you'll have our fullest attention.

Baby Dos you can sit up! All by yourself. This started exactly three weeks ago and you sat next to your sister during storytime and you didn't wobble even a bit. You roll over some, but I think it's just because you're content to stay on your back or sitting up. You play with all your toys and your giraffe is your favorite. Everything ends up in your mouth including your sister...when she's sitting too close to you. You still absolutely delight in her and you are also the happiest person in our home at 7am.

You've had some food. A little bit of banana, avocado, and butternut squash mixed with apples. You're still a little unsure of this whole new food world, but you'll get it eventually. No worries. It took your sister about a month to get used to food.

I don't know if it's your continual smile or the way you like to cuddle or your chubby 17-lb (yes, you went to for your check-up on Wednesday and you're already 17 pounds!) body, but you do bring so much joy to us all. You recognize your Gma and are always so excited to see her and you've had some fun play times with your Cousin Panchito and your Auntie. We love, love, love you Baby Dos and I'm so thankful for the gift that you are.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Trails to Us!

I follow a few blogs and there have been a few Facebook friends who have moved within the last year, meaning 2013, and I've been a bit envious. Don't worry, God knows this and I've talked to him about it. I wasn't truly envious, my heart wasn't thumping to the little green monster's beat, but I just wondered what it was like to move a whole family to a new home where you plan to do life and raise the kiddies. Well, like I said before, God knows this and said, "Bam! Here you go!"

We're moving. In two weeks. Moving.

The process to get to this part went kind of slow and without any real direction, which is why the "Surprise, you're moving!" was definitely a baseball to the head.

Now, I don't know if this is the life of a pastor wife or just my life. I think, like Pastor Husband, most pastors want to find a church and make a home there. As much as I love the church we're at - only two Sundays left - but I also knew it wasn't forever. I don't know what this next church will be like...I give it all over to God. I  thought this whole moving thing would completely overwhelm me, but I pray each morning, as I think about what may or may not (more like not) get done, for grace and mercy to overwhelm me. Otherwise, my head would be gone, my children would be terrified of me, and Pastor Husband may forget he's married to me.

It's bittersweet. I'm excited to move because I actually enjoy packing and new places; however, I am going to miss the people. I "had" many children from this church - I always tell them I love them more than my own children because I didn't have to birth them. As Pastor Husband announced our goodbye our last five years of life flashed before my eyes.

I was looking for a church while I was at school, fully thinking this church would only be a school thing and I'd be back at my "home" church once I graduated. God had other plans. I was asked to help out and all these amazing teenagers punched their way into my heart and then the pastor asked me out on a date! We had our first alone-no-interruptions conversation in the sanctuary. We were betrothed under the same roof, Married. Pastor Husband announced from the stage when we were expecting Baby Girl and then Baby Dos. LIFE. Life has happened in that building...not just on Sundays either. I've had tears in my eyes whenever one of our kids were baptized or stood there and gave their testimony. I've met some of the wisest women. Women, I know, I'll never meet the likes of again.

God moves your life whether you want to admit it or not. You look back and remember the people that pulled you through, pushed you back up, and shoved you forward. They didn't get there by accident, my friends. The places and events. The glory goes to God alone.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cousin Time

Today Gma, Auntie, and Panchito came over to visit and play with Baby Girl and Baby Dos. Panchito and Baby Dos are two months apart and both look like their dads, meaning, they don't look brown and have blue eyes. When we're out and about with them people think they're brothers, even twins! Auntie and I wonder who they think we must be...their nannies?
Playing with Gma.

Cousin Bath Time!

At one point the attire was diaper and socks only.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Recent Adventures

Yes, I am still catching up from Christmas. All the decorations have finally come down and are in the respective boxes and the boxes are still in the dining room. Halfway there, right? Well, to finally put the holidays to a close, I am posting the last of our Christmas-holiday-fun pictures.

On December 23 we made our finally, all day trip to Disneyland and we have never seen Baby Girl so excited! Captivating speaks truth - there really is a princess in all of us and it'll bloom and mature as long as someone doesn't come along and smash that princess to bits. Baby Girl was in love with the princesses and she doesn't even really know who they are, but something inside of her just sings whenever she saw one of them. We decided to wait in the line for the princess meet & greet Disney has now and it was probably her favorite part of the day. Minnie Mouse may have come a close second, but it was during normal naptime hours so there was a tantrum before and after the picture. Baby Dos and I waited an hour for Mickey Mouse! Insane. We wanted to end our last trip with the fireworks, but they canceled last minute due to Other than that, it really was a fun day, good weather, lots o' people (so many the park closed), and I think Baby Girl had the most fun she's ever had there.
Next, we went to my college roommate's wedding out in Temecula. The couple lives out in New York (so lucky! with the exception of all the snow happening right now). It was so pretty, the whole wedding, and very thoughtful. Thoughtful to their guests, to each other, and to God. He wasn't lost in all the details. I love weddings that make Him the lead role because He is the one that gave us marriage. We should thank Him, loudly. This couple has done it right from the very beginning of their relationship and I'm thankful to know them. Oh, and the cake...the best wedding cake. Ever.
Finally, the last adventure of 2013 - Mexico. I'll admit, I am not a fan of Mexico. I never went much as a kid and I don't even know where in Mexico my family is from...we don't even speak the language! Probably one of the reasons why it's not on my top ten list of places to go. Thank goodness, Pastor Husband knows it like its his first language. Anyway, we went down to San Felipe because one of our friends was going and there's a family down there Pastor Husband is very close to from all his missionary work. It was a good trip and actually very restful. The babies slept through the night and took a nap each day, which means the adults got to take a nap every day too! We took one of our youth-turned-college-unofficially-adopted-daughter with us and I don't think she's had that kind of sleep since she started college. We ate and slept - my perfect kind of vacation. We also did many things that ended with, "Only in Mexico".

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Change in Pace

When I started this blog it was to share the imperfect moments of mommy-hood. The "rocky" points and, at times, jagged points that snagged me along the way. I don't feel like I've shared any one moment like that with you. Basically, it's become a virtual baby book for my babies. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not the point. It's time to take this blog in the direction it originated. Yes, it'll still be a place to say, "Look at my cute babes!" and to brag about how amazing they are, but it will also be the place where I share my actual life. Especially the life of being a pastor's wife.

I'm not saying that I have the hardest role to play, I imagine the First Lady takes the cake on that one, but I am definitely playing a unique role in the line of wives. Though, each wife, has their own special role to play whether you're married to a pastor, president, fire fighter, cop, etc.; however, I want to share more about my thoughts, observations, experiences of being a pastor's wife.

I hope to also blog more. I decided to blog now, at 12:35 am, because I can't sleep. Too many things on my mind. I will do my best to sit down at least once a week to share.

We'll see where this goes...hopefully, it goes to where others can relate, share, and encourage each other.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Feliz Navidad

A little late...

Baby Girl's first bike

Gma and her children (minus one, he's in Ohio)

Gma and the grandkids (minus a bunch; some in Ohio, Oregon, and Florida)

Gma and the GREAT grandkids take one

Gma and the GREAT grandkids take two (minus two that are in Oregon, two in Ohio, and one on the way in Florida!)